How To’s

“Push up on LockKing Security Bar to Unlock”

“Push down on LockKing Security Bar to Lock”

  • LockKing Security Bar is ideal for any home or business with sliding glass doors that needs added security.
  • LockKing Security Bar can be installed at different heights
  • Low for foot usage
  • Handle height for hand use
  • High for out of childrens reach
  • LockKing Security Bar for sliding glass doors can also be installed upside down at the top of the door, but will need a few more instructions to install correctly.
  • With it’s unique adaptabiltiyLockKing Security Bar works great for
  • Seniors, Handicapped, Disabled, business’s and homes with small children.

How to Install a Lockking Commercial Security Bar/Lock

How to Install a Lockking Residential Security Bar/Lock

Lockking Security Bar/Lock Commercial

Lockking Security Bar/Lock Commercial